2/Sunday of the Word of God, interviews with catechists and readers

16 january 2024

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In foto: copertina interviste ai catechisti e ai lettori


Kali McMorris is one of the candidates who will receive the Ministry of Lector from the  Pope. She is Jamaican, from the Archdiocese of Kingston.


When did you feel within yourself the desire to serve the Lord and your community through the ministry of Lector/Reader?


“At the age of 10 they asked me to read at my grandfather's funeral. I wasn't the oldest, but for some reason I was chosen. Through that experience I became aware of the importance of not only listening to the Word, but also sharing the Scriptures so that others can be inspire by them."


What does it mean in today's world and for the Christian community of your country to announce the Word of God to the people?


“The media transmits powerful messages to us, many of which are in direct contrast to Christian values and moral teachings. Advertising, in particular promotes values, themes and ideas of the world. Listening, in-depth analysis, and personal reading are too often put aside and people’s attention is attracted by images, slogans, newspaper headlines, videos and other striking messages. Listening to the Word, well proclaimed, is therefore today a very important tool for evangelization and catechesis. In Jamaica, Catholics are often accused of not knowing the Scriptures and not being grounded in them. The proclamation of the Scriptures in our churches must be taken seriously, so that we can demonstrate the centrality of the Word of God in our faith, liturgy and culture."


How do you feel at the thought of receiving the Ministry of Lector from Pope Francis?


“My heart is full of gratitude. It is an honor and a privilege; and I am overwhelmed by the thought of being so blessed by the presence of Pope Francis. His ministry and his humanity have moved me personally. Receiving this call to ministry from the Pope confirms my calling to serve the Church through my vocation as a reader and to use this gift of public reading to share the word of God. I am honored to represent my Archdiocese, the Sisters of Mercy with whom I collaborate as a school principal and the faithful of Jamaica, who look to our Holy Father for hope and guidance in these confusing times."