The Holy See to participate in the EXPO in Osaka in 2025

21 december 2023

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In foto: logo Dicastero per l'Evangelizzazione


From 13 April 2025 to 13 October 2025, the 2025 Universal Exposition will take place in Osaka, Japan (EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan).

The theme chosen for this edition is “Designing Future Society for our Lives”, with three distinct sub-themes: “Saving Lives”, “Empowering Lives”, and “Connecting Lives”.

The Holy See, in collaboration with the Italy Pavilion, will be present at the event with a recognizable space for organizing cultural events and important art exhibitions.


His Excellency Archbishop Rino Fisichella, pro-profect of the Dicastery for Evangelization – Section for Fundamental Questions regarding Evangelization in the World, mandated by the Holy Father to prepare and take care of the official participation of the Holy See in the next Universal Exposition (EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan) as Commissioner General, has appointed as Vice Commissioners for the event the Reverend Msgr. Pietro Bongiovanni, parish priest of San Salvatore in Lauro and the Reverend Fr. Nuno Alexandre Henriques De Lima, parish priest of Tamatsukuri Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Cathedral in Osaka. His Excellency the Commissioner General trusts in their support to assist and represent the Holy See in the preparation and for the duration of the entire event.


The theme of the Holy See Pavilion will be: “Beauty brings Hope”. Through an exploration of art and aesthetics, the Pavilion proposes to transmit the profound concept that beauty, in its many facets, can be a source of inspiration and hope for building a more harmonious and participatory future society. Beauty has always played a fundamental role in Christian evangelization, embodied in artistic expression since the beginnings of Christianity. Throughout the centuries, art has become the privileged way through which the Church has been able to represent the depth of faith. The “Via Pulchritudinis” has constituted the most effective vehicle for communicating the heart of faith in a tangible way through beauty itself.


Through exhibitions, artistic installations and unique perspectives, the Holy See Pavilion will offer a reflection on how beauty can function as a catalyst for Hope, uniting people on their journey towards a shared future of renewal in spirituality.

Furthermore, the theme intersects with that of the 2025 Jubilee, entitled “Pilgrims of hope”, fulfilling the role of a bridge to connect and unite the two events.


Humanity today has numerous hopes thanks to the advancement of progress in science and technology”, emphasized the pro-prefect Archbishop Rino Fisichella. “But, as already expressed for the theme of the Jubilee, also that of EXPO is intended to communicate the importance of Hope, in the singular, that comes only from God. Humanity still needs to hope”.





「大阪・関西万博」は、いのち輝く未来社会のデザイン(Designing Future Society for Our Lives)」をテーマとし、「Saving Lives(いのちを救う)」、「Empowering Lives(いのちに力を与える)」、「Connecting Lives(いのちをつなぐ)」という、3つのサブテーマが設定されています。






バチカンのパビリオンのテーマは、「美は希望をもたらす」です。当パビリオンは、芸術と美学の探求を通じて、美が、その多様な側面において、より調和に満ちた分かち合う未来の社会の構築への、インスピレーションと希望の源である、という深い概念を伝えることを目指しています。美は常にキリスト教宣教で重要な役割を果たしてきました。キリスト教が始まって以来、それは芸術表現を通して具現化されていきました。世紀を経て、芸術は教会が信仰の深さを表現し、象徴するための特権的な手段となりました。「Via Pulchritudinis」(美の道)は、美そのものを通じて、信仰の核心を具体的に伝えるための最も効果的な手段です。




「現代人は科学と技術の進歩によって多くの希望を抱いています」 と 副長官のサルバトーレ・フィジケッラ大司教は強調しました。 「しかし、聖年のテーマに表されているように、万博のテーマもまた、神からのみ来る唯一の希望の重要性を伝えたいと思っています。人類はまだ希望を抱く必要があるからです。」