Third International Congress on Catechesis

Paul VI Hall, Vatican City, September 8-10, 2022

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Third International Congress on Catechesis
The Catechist, witness of the new life in Christ

Paul VI Hall, Vatican City,
September 8-10, 2022





Session I


Thursday, September 8, 2022

-          16.00   Opening Prayer

-          16.15   The Catechist, Witness of the New life in Christ

H.E. Most Rev. Rino Fisichella, President PCPNE

-          16.45   “Called to freedom” (Gal 5,13): the kerygma and new life [CCC 1691-1715]

Rev. Msgr. Antonio Pitta, Pontifical Lateran University – Rome (Italy)

-          17.30   Coffee break

-          18.00   Antiquum ministerium: the vocation of the Catechist

H.E. Most Rev. Mark O’Toole, Bishop of Plymouth, Chair of the Department for Evangelization and Catechesis of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales

-          18.45   The synodal perspective for an evangelizing catechesis

H. E. Card. Mario Grech, General Secretary of the Synod of Bishops

-          Dialogue with Presenters






Friday. September 9, 2022

-          08.30   Holy Mass at the “Altare della Cattedra” – Saint Peter’s Basilica

-          09.30   Coffee break

-          10.00   Personal Freedom and Ecclesial Consciousness [CCC 1730-1748; 1776-1785]

Dr. Robert Cheaib, Faculty of Theology, Catholic University – Lyon (France)

-         10.45   The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes:

catechesis at the service of conscience formation [CCC 1716-1729; 2052-2082]

Rev. Fr. Mário Marcelo COELHO, SCJ, Dehonian Faculty – Taubaté, São Paulo (Brazil)

-          11.30   The contribution of catechesis for ecclesial and social renewal [CCC 1877-1948]

Rev. Fr. José Luis Segovia Bernabé, Episcopal Vicar for Integral Human Development, Archdiocese of Madrid (Spain)





Friday, September 9, 2022

-          16.00   In-depth studies by linguistic groupings

In English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish on the following themes:

·        Christian formation in the face of end of life questions [CCC 2276-2279]

·        Difference and reciprocity between men and women: gender ideology [CCC 369-373 2331-2335]

·        Responsibility and participation in social life [CCC 1913-1917]

·        Truth, communication and the digital question [CCC 2488-2499]

·        Ecological education for the care of the ‘common home’[CCC 2415-2418; LS 137-162]

·         Communicating Catholic Culture: presentation of the volume Reclaiming the Piazza III (Gracewing: Leominster, 2021), edited by R. Convery, L. Franchi, J. Valero

-          18.00   Cultural Performance: Holy Dance with Sister Anna Nobili





Saturday, September 10, 2022

-          9.00     Opening Prayer

-          9.15     “Joyful messengers of challenging proposals” (EG 168)

Catechesis, morality and holiness [CCC 2012-2031]

Dr. Donna Lynn Orsuto, Institute of Spirituality, Pontifical Gregorian University and Co-Founder of “The Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas” - Rome (Italy)

-          10.00   Catechesis and morality: some pastoral experiences

·         The Way of Saint James: the conversion journey and the challenge for evangelization

Sister Carolina Blazquez Casado, OSA, Albergue paroquial Santa María del Camino – Carrión de los Condes, Palencia (Spain)

·         The Mobokoli Centre: formation of Catechist Couples for the proclamation of the faith and the promotion of human development

H.E. Most Rev. Jean-Bertin NADONYE NDONGO, OFMCap, Bishop of Lolo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

·         Real+True, an Evangelization Project through Social Media

Julianne STANZ & Edmundo REYES, Real+True – Huntington, Indiana (USA)

-          11.00   Coffee break

-          11.45   Audience with the Holy Father