Liturgical and Pastoral Handbook

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Liturgical and Pastoral Handbook

Fifth Sunday of the Word of God


The Sunday of the Word of God is a profoundly pastoral initiative with which Pope Francis wants to make it clear how important it is in the daily life of the Church and our communities to refer to the Word of God, a Word that is not confined to a book, but which remains ever alive and becomes a concrete and tangible sign. Each local community will be able to find the most suitable and effective ways to live this Sunday to the fullest, helping the people of God «to grow in religious and intimate familiarity with the sacred Scriptures» (Aperuit illis, 15). This Pastoral Handbook is intended to help and be offered to parish communities and those gathered for Sunday›s Eucharistic celebration, so that this Sunday may be resolutely lived.


H.E. Msgr. Rino Fisichella



1.      Practical Considerations

2.      Pastoral Proposals

         ·         In community

         ·         In the family

3.      Proposals for Lectio Divina

         ·         Two Proposals on Jn. 8:28-42

         ·         Lectio Divina for Young People on Mk. 1:14-20

4.      A Catechesis from Pope Francis

5.      The Example of Card. Van Thuan

6.      Appendix

         ·         Biblical Adoration

         ·         Outline for the Eucharistic Celebration